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The National Clean Water Collective (NCWC) is a registered non-profit grassroots organization that has provided more than $250k worth of vital supplies and support to the residents of Flint, Michigan. We developed a short-term relief plan that provides immediate assistance and are establishing a network of activists, volunteers, and other organizations around the country to help develop long term solutions for a more sustainable Flint and nation. Our team understands the importance of bringing scientists, engineers, activists, organizers, business men and women, and policy-makers together to confront America’s deepening water crisis.


Replace - Restore - Rise, is a ribbon cutting ceremony and clean water celebration for the Haskell Community Center that highlights restoration efforts to bring clean water to children that participate in the Flint PAL Corp program. 

This is the National Clean Water Collective’s first major step in the revitalization of Flint, Michigan. The overall goal is to provide national comprehensive support to Flint residents, all while creating a paradigm shift about water – from water is the enemy to water is the opportunity. Join us as we breathe life back into a neighborhood center so that kids can be kids!


The United Nations’ 6th Sustainable Development Goal (SDG6s a global promise for clean water. It is the acknowledgement that clean water is a human right, a truth which we recognize as self-evident in our path to a sustainable future. It is our responsibility to utilize our platform and resources to make this goal a 


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We’re pooling together scientists, engineers, educators, athletes, business men and women, entertainers, political figures and organizations to tackle the problem by:

  • Bringing more awareness to the issue
  • Funding the mission
  • Educating the public on how to take action
  • Testing the public to help them understand their status with their blood and tap water levels

Email info@nationalcleanwater.org and tell us how you will help!

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